Buys Goats Cheese

Cheddar Cheese with raw goats milk in luxury hampers uk

A mild cheese with a bit of a flavour of nuts, and chedder type of texture. Aged a minimum of 2 months and is 100% natural. There are no artificial additives and it is suitable for all culinary purposes

Sharp Cheddar Style Cheese for goats milk

A strong, sharp conventional cheddar, perfect for gift hampers uk.  No artificial ingredients and is perfect for using on sandwiches and in snacks.

Smoked Cheddar Style goats milk cheese

A fabulous raw milk mild cheddar for luxury baby hampers, smoked for a beautiful natural taste. Aged a minimum of 2 months with no artificial ingredients at all. The smoking process uses hardwood and no aerosols to improve  the flavour of this completely natural cheddar.

Country Jack cheese and Chives

The distinctive flavor of chives,  makes this cheese a huge favourite.

Country Jack Style with Jalapeno Peppers

A hot cheese with pepper but perfect for snacks. A completely different combination of flavours makes this cheese excellent allrounder but perfect for a cheese sandwich.

Jack style and Dill

Goes really well with the other Jack flavo8urs on cheese boards

Jack Style and Garlic

Is a wonderful addition to any salad or vegetarian dish.

Jack Cheese with Balsamic and Olives

An beautiful flavour mixture making a lovely addition to any cheese board and a great snack at any time of the day.